Since 2005 I have worked as an independent video designer.

I started out in this field in 1997 with theatre director Guy Cassiers of the Ro Theater. Our experiments with the use of video in theatre productions resulted, amongst many others, in the well known Proust Cycle (2002-2004) which received great international acclaim.

Almost twenty years on it is rare to come across theatre productions in which there is no use of video imagery.

Similar to other theatre specialisations, such as music composition for example, video design is most effective when it forms an essential component of the performance; ie not just an illustration. It should merge with the other disciplines to tell the story.

And again similar to music, in video design the options are divers and plentiful; it can provide anything from a setting to a speaking character…

Ideally my responsibililty will cover both the artistic and the technical aspects of the video design, because every single choice has such direct influence on the end result. This means that I do not only create the video content, but that I also decide on the medium (video type, format, etc.) and that I choose the set up and the projectors.

I enjoy the variety of working in different fields (dance, theatre, museums). For each project I will develop a specific and unique vocabulary. In an open and flexible workflow, I will, together with the choreographer, the director or curator, find ways to fulfil the requirements of each particular production.